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It used to be that Wordpress websites were exclusively for use on blogs, you would hear people say HEY! Who wants a generic looking website that appears everywhere?! This is no longer the case, this is the year 2020 and these days there is a VAST amount of high quality coding available for themes and plugins that include Gallery Design, User and Subscription management, Front End User Logins, Live Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Forms, Tabbed and Dynamic Loading Text amongst many more. If you like the idea of what's being outlined, and like the idea of a modular (therefor future proof, and easily added to!) quickly built, and easily maintained website that looks similar (but yet very custom...) to the ones that I make then please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss what can be achieved. Thanks for your time :: Michael Alexander Ventre

my services

We can discuss options and what may be the bet course of action for your needs and scale of project. Small businesses and start ups need only a few professional unified branded pages to put the right message across, so these can be developed very fast and efficiently, and cost effectively!
SEO optimization
Using third party tried and tested partners, we can supply a varied range of SEO plugins for your Wordpress site that allows all content to be structured and arranged in a way that search engines prefer, so that, in particular, money spent will not be wasted. Link building, and search engine reputation like google index improvements can be attained via top professionals that have shown us immediate improvements in the past.
Client Base
I've worked with a small group of varied clients, most recently falling into the Law, Marriage and Commerce categories. This isn't my full time job, so I tend to just pick and choose the best work for a growing portfolio.
Data Security
With security the best you should do, is the best... you can do? so that's what I do! I make use of the essential plugins that have the highest sales numbers or newest released with good feedback scores, and implement SSL on every website domain as standard. There are often extra things that can be done for additional yearly subscriptions amongst things like secure encrypted forms.
What Do You Do?
The types of website that I design (compose and arrange) are specifically aimed at Law and Architecture, although there will be many other types that fit very well within those types of portfolio categories. I carefully select and curate the best and most ideal themes and plugins and then apply a mix of my own custom made graphic design to a tried and tested process of arranging, spacing and imagery. All copy is provided up front by the client and pages are limited to around 20. Turnaround time is between 3 and 14 days depending on complexity.
Modular Design
There are crazy amounts of plugins and themes available these day, and they're not all good! There's so many 'Build Your Own Site Now' and 'Website Builder Delux 4000, Your Cat Can do It'. The trouble NOW is finding your way through it all! There so much of it that the issue becomes deciding which of it is well made and is best suited for you, and which is poorly made and will ultimately cause problems further down the line. Fear not, I already have extensive lists of tried and tested addons and features to bolster most website requirements.

my pricing

£ 350 /Complete
  • consulting
  • development and design
  • additional design and optimisation
  • yearly basic support
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£ 650 /Complete
  • consulting ::
  • development and design ::
  • additional design and optimisation ::
  • Yearly Support ::
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Small Kitchen Sink
£ 950 /Complete
  • consulting ::
  • development ::
  • additional design and optimisation ::
  • Yearly Support ::
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